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Welcome to the Aces High 3 Information Repository

This is a brand new project and there is a lot of work to be done. This site was created to be a player created source of all information relating to Hitech Creations' multi-player WWII simulation Aces High 3.

The current plan is to start off by putting up the game maps and other info like how to use and set up the text buffer, downloadable maps for both print and the clipboard, tutoral videos on both formation and dive bombers, etc...

This site has been designed for growth and will be an ongoing project. This site is also offerring AH3 squads a free webhosting account to host squad websites. These accounts will have a www.yoursquad.ah3.info web address and come with ftp access as well as a choice of a few content management systems if you choose to use a cms. The squad's CO will have to authorize the account before it will be created and the squad will be responsible for designing and creating it's own site.

Getting Started In Aces High 3

First click on --> Hitech Creations to download and install the game.

Mapping the controller

You can use a mouse or a flight stick. Most prefer a stick, some prefer a mouse

Click this box for a help video. The video uses an older interface. The method is the same.

Voice (VOX) and Text Buffer

The voice and text radios are how players interact with each other. They are easy to use.

Useful Tools

Comprehensive Map Collection

Field and strat maps are a must have to attack an enemy base. Here you can download quality maps with target information for both print and the clipboard.

Text Buffer aka Dot Commands

Text buffer or Dot Commands are a a usefull tool for doing things like checking downtime status. They are also how you set your salvo and salvo delay.

The Hanger

In the Aces High hangar is where players can select their aircraft, vehicle, or boat. Also select you fuel and ordnance loadouts. Plane skins are selected here too.

Structure Strength

A list of how much ordnance it take to destroy a specific structure will help you know how to load your plane and set your salvo.

Climb & Speed Charts

Usefull information about the aircraft.

Strat Significance

What strats are and why you want to attack or resupply them.


World War II Quotes